Fire Protection

The guarding of the area of ​​responsibility of the Management Body of the Parnitha National Park is an integral part of its management role. With the aim of protecting the environment, since October 2007, the Management Body has implemented a security program, according to which the daily routes, the stopping and viewing positions are determined, as well as the way of dealing with and preventing illegal incidents, depending on with the case. Hours are daily (including weekends and holidays) 7:00 – 22:00. The storage schedule can be modified according to the needs and especially during the fire season and is open 24 hours a day. The area has been divided into three areas: Central Parnitha, Tatoi and Fili in which an effort is made to have at least one patrol per shift.

For the implementation of the security program, the Management Body has four (4) Jeeps, two (2) 10 ton tankers, two (2) coaches and twelve (12) 4×4 emergency vehicles with automatic fire extinguishing system and tank (600 lt). The vehicles used for patrols in the Parnitha National Park are equipped with: map of the National Park, wireless, camera, compass, day and night binoculars, flashlight, digging and cutting tools, anti-skid chains, fire extinguisher, pharmacy, pharmacy,.

The protection and guarding program of the Parnitha National Park includes:

  • Operation of a Coordination Center for Protection, with the aim of coordinating and facilitating the cooperation of all bodies directly or indirectly involved in fire prevention operations within the mountainous area of Parnitha, in order to achieve timely and effective reduction of fires. The headquarters of SKP is at the offices of the Management Body (contact phone 210 24 35 333). The responsibilities of SKP are summarized in the following:
    • Receives all kinds of calls and information about any incident related to the protection of the Parnitha National Park.
    • Transmits to the competent regional forest authorities information about the incidents that concern them (encroachments, clearings, poaching, poaching, etc.).
    • Informs the competent authorities (Fire Brigade, Forest Protection Coordination Center, EL.AS., Ministries, Secretariat for Civil Protection of Municipalities) for fire incidents.
    • Coordinates the bodies involved in the prevention operation, as well as the available means.
    • Provides instructions and information to the prevention forces involved on land or air forces sent to reinforce locally available forest protection forces. In collaboration with the Parnitha and Kapandriti Forest Offices, it organizes the prevention operation and monitors its developments, recording all the movements and events.The main goal of SKP is the harmonious cooperation with all the involved bodies for the protection of Parnitha in order to be informed immediately and in time, all the competent services, but also the coordination of the patrol vehicles, during the whole operation of the coordinator.
  • Operation of forest fire management information system.
  • Surveillance system for emergency vehicles
  • S.H.E.P. Fire Detection System for the protection of the forest and its visitors.

The Management Body of Parnitha National Park due to its special legal status, as N.P.I.D. and its special responsibilities in the National Park, as a coordinating body of the efforts for the protection and promotion of the National Park, has hired holders of a diploma of O.E.E.K. Post-Secondary Vocational Training level of the specialty “Forest Protection Specialist” of I.E.K., in order to utilize them in the following tasks (tasks):

  • Supervision of the protected area, the Parnitha National Park, in order to preserve its biotic and abiotic parameters and resources. Indicative: investigation on change of use of forest areas, on illegal logging of forest trees, on illegal hunting, on illegal transport of forest trees, on forest fires, search for offenders, recording data and reporting to the competent authorities.
  • Support, service and control of the movement of visitors within the boundaries of the protected area and informing them about the existing protection measures of the area and the Rules of Operation of the National Park.
  • Identify areas or points where there are likely to be risks to the health and safety of visitors and take appropriate precautions.
  • Facilitate the work of conducting scientific research and any other work carried out in the protected area.
  • Supervision of the execution of actions, decisions and protection measures related to the handling of the flora and fauna of the natural environment and the protection of the landscape and outdoor recreation areas and related activities.
  • Cooperation with the security staff of the Forest Service, the staff of the game guard and the employees of other services that have responsibility in the area.
  • Checking the condition of the moving obstacles (bars) and the tanks that are placed in various places inside the Park.
  • Staffing of the Coordination Center for the Protection of the Management Body of the Parnitha National Park, in order to coordinate and facilitate the cooperation of all bodies involved in the protection of the National Park.
  • Any work and responsibilities assigned to the employee by the Board. of the Management Body of the Parnitha National Park or other authorized body.

Training of Forest Protection Specialists

The training of the security staff of the Parnitha National Park Management Agency:

  • It takes place during the first week of its recruitment and continues at regular intervals, especially during the fire-fighting period.
  • It is done according to the training program of Forest Protection Specialists which is approved by the Board of Directors of the Parnitha National Park Management Agency and the training is carried out by trained personnel of the Parnitha National Park Management Agency in collaboration with stakeholders.
  • After their initial training, they should be able to handle the equipment that will be charged to them.
  • A Handbook of Exercises is distributed to each Forest Protection Specialist.
  • Every fortnight there is a meeting of the guarding staff, in which any problems and dangers that arise are discussed, various shortcomings in the equipment, suggestions and the way of operation of the Park guarding program, as well as various issues related to protection.

Uniform of Forest Protection Specialists

The Forest Protection Specialists, in the exercise of their duties are in uniform according to a decision of the Board of Directors of the Management Body of Parnitha National Park. The uniform is available from the Agency, which is returned at the end of the work to the Agency. They also have an official identity card which is displayed during the exercise of their duties.

Fire protection

The Management Body of Parnitha National Park, responding to the need for effective forest protection, especially after the fire of 2007, compiles every year before the start of the fire season (May-October) “Fire Protection Plan of the National Park of Parnitha with the fire” protection of the area through the coordination of all stakeholders in the area fire protection and utilization of infrastructure, equipment and available personnel. Through the existing staff, it participates in the official register and planning of the General Secretariat of Civil Protection, in which all the involved government services participate with permanent staff.

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