Protection and conservation of biotic and abiotic elements of the area

Execution of technical protection works

The competent scientific staff of the Agency prepares studies of forestry projects and performs a series of projects and works for the protection and preservation of the protected object, the development of forest recreation activities and the utilization and promotion of the area. Indicatively, the following are performed:

  • Maintenance of recreation areas
  • Projects and remediation works
  • Fire protection works (vegetation cleaning, pruning, etc.)
  • Supply, maintenance-repair of water tanks
  • Construction and maintenance of outposts
  • Maintenance of forest outposts
  • Installation and maintenance of signage and information signs
  • Maintenance of road network and paths
  • Maintenance of fire zones in the area

Monitoring of water quality

The Agency, after the fire of 2007, carries out on an annual basis through a certified laboratory, microbiological and geochemical analyzes of spring waters to monitor water quality and ensure the safe use of water by visitors and wildlife in the area.

Studies concerning:

a) investigating the effect of newly arrived wolves on the population, mobility and behavior of native red deer and

b) the smooth coexistence of the two species.

In the context of Wildlife Management, in collaboration with a special scientific committee, the Parnitha National Park Management Agency has prepared a three-year Action Plan for the protection of the two species, the management of their populations and habitats and has launched the following actions:

  • Establishment of a Care Center to provide assistance to injured and sick animals.
  • Wolf monitoring using satellite telemetry and genetic and food analysis of feces.
  • Census of populations using thermal cameras.
  • Wild boar population estimate.
  • Continuation of Deer Scientific Monitoring with three different methods.
  • Control of deer movements in new locations and control of external distribution limits.
  • Removal of stray dogs from the mountain.
  • Review of the Carrying Capacity of the area.
  • Repeat Research: “Investigation of genetic identification, structure, active size of deer population”.
  • Genetic analysis of deer in the farms of Chrysopigi, Serres and Agathonos Monastery, in order to examine whether they are related populations of the Parnitha species.
  • Intensification of information for the visitors of the park but also for the inhabitants of the neighboring areas.
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