Environmental education

Our relationship with the environment is built from the first years of our school life, so one of the goals of the Awareness Department of the Parnitha National Park Management Agency is to educate students that the natural environment must and can be protected.

The purpose of Environmental Education is to make students aware of the relationship between man and his natural and social environment, to raise awareness of the problems associated with it and to be active with special programs to contribute to the overall effort to address them.

Cognitive axes, Objectives, Thematic Units, Activities

The axes of the cognitive content of the Environmental Education programs in the Parnitha National Park as well as the objectives, which are common to all axes, are oriented to the decisions of the international conferences and summits and concern both levels of Education.

The Management Body of Parnitha National Park, since 2007 implements an Environmental Education program entitled: “Environmental Education Program in the Parnitha National Park”. The purpose of the program is to raise children’s awareness of the value of protection and the preservation of the natural environment. In particular, the goals of the program are the students:

  • To acquire and develop new patterns of behavior towards the environment.
  • Get in touch with the natural ecosystem of Parnitha.
  • To get acquainted with the operating regulations of the Parnitha National Park.
  • To develop a spirit of cooperation and teamwork.
  • Understand the interdependence and interaction of the animal and plant worlds and their impact on human life.
  • Understand the magnitude of the dangers posed by man to the reckless destruction of the environment.
  • To find ways of protection and to work for the solution of the problems that result from its degradation.
  • Activate and practice their observation.

The information takes place in the countryside, at the Parnitha National Park.

The trainers are employees of the Agency, trained scientists in matters related to the environment and the special conditions of the forest ecosystem of Parnitha. Students receive educational and informational material. The Environmental Education also includes the Operation of the Environmental Information Center in the area of Ag. Trinity. The Environmental Information Center is open on weekdays and Sunday mornings to inform visitors.

Κέντρο Περιβαλλοντικής Ενημέρωσης στην Αγ. Τριάδα

Η ξενάγηση περιλαμβάνει περιήγηση σε δασικό οικοσύστημα, μέσα από προκαθορισμένα μονοπάτια. Η συνολική διάρκεια του προγράμματος προσαρμόζεται ανάλογα με το διαθέσιμο χρόνο του κάθε σχολείου.

Οι ενδιαφερόμενοι μπορούν να επιλέξουν τις παρακάτω θεματικές ενότητες και μέχρι δύο δραστηριότητες.

Δείτε τις ενότητες εδώ

Το Πρόγραμμα Περιβαλλοντικής Εκπαίδευσης του Φορέα Διαχείρισης Εθνικού Δρυμού Πάρνηθας, από το σχολικό έτος 2007-2008 έως το σχολικό έτος 2019-2020 παρακολούθησαν συνολικά 55.258 μαθητές Πρωτοβάθμιας και Δευτεροβάθμιας Εκπαίδευσης.


2007-2008 1.852
2008-2009 1.926
2009-2010 1.846
2010-2011 6.183
2011-2012 4.427
2012-2013 4.501
2013-2014 4.867
2014-2015 5.001
2015-2016 5.257
2016-2017 5.915
2017-2018 6.086
2018-2019 4.546
2019-2020 2.851
ΣΥΝΟΛΟ 55.258
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